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Practices of Loving Myself


I was on snapchat last week and I was watching a snap story of one of my favorite personal trainers.  She was talking about how we are habitual creatures so we all have habits every day whether it be the time we wake up, what we eat, how we eat, etc. While she was talking, she asked the question “If someone were to look in on your life and watch your habits, would you feel proud or ashamed?” This question really made me think because there are quite a few things that I do daily that I don’t really like.  Just a few to name are: When I wake up I immediately reach for my phone to go through the social media ringer, I do a body scan to see how thin I look, which typically leads to some negative thoughts about myself (nice way to wake up), I have the T.V. on WAY too much throughout the day and I say it’s for the noise in the background but it’s not. That’s just a few and they aren’t super bad, but it’s enough for me to want to make a change.

When it comes to change, I feel it much more effective to add positive instead of taking away negatives.  I’ve tried several diets in my life, some mainstream and others on my own terms. I’ve tried to get myself to stop watching so much T.V. without something to replace it and I just sit bored or I pick up a book I’m the least bit interested in.  STORY TIME. We adopted a Siberian husky/German shepherd mix when I was a child.  This dog came with quite a few problems due to her previous owners beating her and such.  My parents hired a professional dog trainer and during the time our dog (Sasha) was being trained, my mom became a dog trainer.  She doesn’t train dogs anymore, but she is proclaimed to be a dog whisperer by many.  One of the lessons in dog behavior is if a pup is chewing something you don’t want it to chew you have to: one, make sure you correct them while they are chewing on the bad thing. Two, REPLACE THE BAD THING WITH A GOOD THING (that is just as if not more enjoyable) to chew on and three, positively reinforce the good behavior. Us humans aren’t that different.

My morning routine is booboo.  I feel like it sets me up to fail or put me in a bad mood.  I open my eyes, pick up my phone and head to facebook.  I love facebook to keep in contact with people who aren’t close by me anymore but about 90% of my feed I either don’t care about or makes me upset. Then I get up, look in the mirror and do my scan which usually includes the dialogue of “eh I wish my belly was smaller”, “eh I wish my hips were wider”, “eh I wish my face was slimmer”, and then move to the toilet.  I start off my day with negativity, comparison, and an attitude with a lack of gratitude (aw that’s cute, it rhymes) for my body. So this morning I didn’t get on social media as soon as I woke up and instead I made myself a delicious turmeric tea (recipe here), and it was wonderful. For me, I feel a sense of pride when I make something from scratch (or close to scratch). I got to feel that sense of pride when I woke up this morning instead of the feeling the erratic emotions I usually do in the morning. I sat, talked, and connected with my husband while he was getting ready for work.  AND as a big bonus, our apartment smelled like yummy orange and cinnamon. I didn’t get on social media this morning and I replaced it with home making a healthy tea.  So much good came out of that one small act and I believe it was because the act was rooted in loving change and self care.  It was such a small replacement but it made a huge difference.

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