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This is my very first post on my website and I am so excited! I’ve been sitting here for hours (literally) trying to come up with something fun, witty, or wise to say in my post so that people can think I am this deep artist photographer that wears a fedora, has a cool beard and a wide range vocabulary. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of those…well, I don’t really want the beard anyway.

I’m not really sure how a blog works for a business so I’ll treat it like a normal blog and spill my girly feelings with hopes that you’ll like it :).

Well, I just moved out to Newark, DE about three months ago with my husband Nathan.

 psssst……that’s him

Nathan and I grew up in Michigan together.  My family started going to Bethesda Bible Church when I was five years old and that is where our story begins…kind of.  Our church had a kids program on Sundays called Operation Blast off that we were both apart of. We also had Sunday school classes together, we did children Christmas plays together, we even got baptized together when we were fourteen and the funny thing about all of this is we NEVER spoke not a single word to each other.  For nine….NINE years we did activities together and NEVER spoke. He didn’t even know who I was for all of that time and he wasn’t in my group of friends so I never made an effort to speak to him.

When I was thirteen I started taking drum lessons from the drummer at our church, Travis. He was also the lead singer for the youth group we had on Wednesdays. A year after he started teaching me, Travis asked me to play the drums for the youth group band. I hesitated a bit (because I’m a little chicken) but I accepted the position. Travis and I played together for a couple months with guitarist coming and going until we got Tim, our twelve year old bass player.  We had Tim, but we still didn’t have a steady lead guitarist until Tim’s bro Nathan came along.  This is scenario that forced Nathan and I to utter words to each other and it never really moved past “hi”, “how are you?”, and “see you wednesday”.

After a little while in the band together we actually began to conversate with each other. We had double practices on Mondays, we had youth group on Wednesdays, and actual church on Sundays so we had a lot of time together.  When Nathan and I were sixteen we had a series of dramatic events happen between some mutual friends. Long story short, I liked a guy who was friends with Nathan; Nathan liked a girl, and the guy that I liked (that told me he liked me as well) ended up stealing the girl away from Nathan.  Due to mine and Nathan’s anger towards this one person, we vented to each other about our frustration. Through this little event we became good friends. We hung out regularly and we talked on the phone regularly but there was absolutely NO romantic interest coming from either one of us.

A few months after my seventeenth birthday Nathan got a job at Outback Steakhouse as a bus boy. At the time I had just quit my nannying job and was in need of another job. Nathan told me that Outback was looking for hostesses so I applied and got the job. (I blame my slavery to Outback on Nathan since it’s four years later and I’m still there :P). Now I’m going to break this down, Nathan and I worked together three to four days a week, we had band together on Mondays and Wednesday, and we were in church together so we were ALWAYS together. There was still NO romantic interest on my end but little did I know Nathan was starting to have some feelings for me.  The problem was at the I had a boyfriend who was in the military so Nathan couldn’t make any moves ;).

Nathan claims that he was in love with me for 9 months before my boyfriend and I broke up (notice I say claims).  Nathan was going behind my back talking to my mom and my best friend about his feelings for me and how he felt bad because I had a boyfriend (who used to be a friend of his). During this time that he had feelings he never said a single word to me about it.  He didn’t even hint that he liked me. The poor guy had to put up with my stories about my boyfriend and how I loved him so much while he was on the other side feeling bad that he couldn’t help his feelings.  During all this we still hung out together ALL of the time which didn’t make it any easier for him.

My boyfriend and I broke up in April of 2009 due to some changes  he was going through.  It was hard but I prayed and prayed that I wouldn’t have feelings for him ever again. I prayed ALL of the time.  After a little while Nathan and I stumbled on a conversation having to do with him having feelings for me.  It was a complete hypothetical conversation and it was the kind of conversations we had all of the time so I didn’t think anything of it until he hinted to me that he had liked me for a long time. The conversation ended up being about four hours long and strangely it was so comfortable.  Two days after the conversation we had prom together and he was a nervous wreck! He was sweating and he wouldn’t speak and he kept having a nervous giggles…the poor guy had no idea what to do.  That night we danced and talked about our friendship and how important it was for us not to lose it.

A couple weeks of simmering in our feelings we had the most unromantic conversation and started our relationship. This was how it went, I said “So, we act like boyfriend and girlfriend so we might as well be boyfriend and girlfriend”. He said “Yeah we might as well”…the end of that conversation.  For the first couple months it was weird because we had been friends for so long it was kind of like holding hands and kissing my own brother, but we were also very comfortable with each other because we were best friends first.

Nathan’s family moved out to Delaware/Pennsylvania in August 2009 and we decided to stay together.  It was rough because not only was I losing my boy friend, I was losing my best friend. We skyped every night, we texted ALL day long to each other and we talked on the phone whenever we could. There was lots of driving and air plane rides from one to the other.  Through the distance, we fell in love with each other more and more.

Nathan proposed Thanksgiving 2010 and we planned a wedding for the summer of 2012. Now, here we are! An old married couple and I love every moment of it.  I’ll have to spill all the details about our wedding day because it was amazing but there is our story.

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